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With the fast-paced, busy lives that most Londoners lead, artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular. Giving a year-round healthy green glow, they are a great way of having the soft, usable spaces we are accustomed to without the work involved with maintaining natural grass.

After initial installation they need no ongoing upkeep. They can however be brushed or vacuum-cleaned to keep them clean and tidy.

Which artificial turf?

Artificial turf is generally used to replace the traditional, natural lawn areas within gardens. There is a wide range available which caters for all needs and budgets, so whether you want a children’s play area, a space to play sport and stay active, or simply a lush finish for the perfect-looking garden without the upkeep, we can recommend a suitable synthetic turf.

We also employ different installation techniques to suit those who want low-impact, softer sub-bases, or have dogs and don’t want the product to smell farther down the line.

Artificial lawn in North London by FMN Gardens

Some more artificial lawns we have installed previously.

If you’re looking to have an artificial lawn installed in North London, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange a free quote.

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