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Water features within a garden can offer that little something extra, turning your garden space into a haven. As well as offering a gorgeous aesthetic, they also help towards tuning out background noise.

Living in London and the surrounding area comes with a unique set of stresses, but by installing a unique water feature your garden can become a sanctuary that takes you away from it all, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life.

Where to use water features?

Water features vary so vastly that they can be suitable for practically any garden. We also take our clients’ preferences into account when designing and installing water features, to create spectacular landscapes, whatever the size of your space.

Check out the gallery below to see some great examples of previous water features we have designed and installed in North London.

Globes water feature
Railway sleeper water fountain

Water Features Pricing

As the size and complexity of water features will vary according to your individual needs, so will the price. We work hard to ensure that we can create the most pleasing outcome possible while staying within your budget.

From installing prefab pieces that fit into your vision for your garden to designing and creating unique masterpieces that offset other landscaping work, at FMN Gardens we are dedicated to offering a high end service for great outcomes.

Water Feature Maintenance

Maintaining a water feature is a commitment, and we understand that it can be daunting, so we offer maintenance services on our gardens in order to ensure that your space looks great all year round.

Quality Water Features Guarantee

Like all of our work, our custom water features come with a 5 year guarantee. Prefab installations also have separate manufacturer guarantees which will vary.

“Simply excellent from the time, input and interest they showed in the initial consultation and the very detailed quote, to completion of the work on time and on budget. Unforeseen problems were dealt with without fuss - even the discovery of a buried reinforced concrete air raid shelter. Harry and Roman have transformed our garden, removing all the old paving and brickwork (and air raid shelter), then laying a two tier sandstone patio with drainage, installing a raised brick pond including electrics and additional garden lighting. Their dedication and workmanship was faultless. We are very pleased with them and their work and this is a recommendation without any hesitation.”

For more information about the water features options we offer, or to arrange a survey to discuss your preferences and create a quote, do get in touch.

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