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Mural design draws from many inspirations and can be completely tailored for a variety of commissions according to the varying needs and preferences of the client. One of our founders, Harry, is an experienced graffiti artist and works with his brother to create bespoke, stand-out pieces of art.

Incorporating a mural into a garden isn’t something most people would consider. I think it takes a certain type of person to have the trust to allow someone to produce a beautiful piece of art that is so unique and personal in so many ways. The type of graffiti murals I produce with my brother Sam, who is a freelance artist, are vibrant, bold, abstract pieces that are inspired by all that surrounds us, whether that’s the urban concrete jungle we live in or the beautiful animals and landscapes that surround us. A garden mural or piece of art is something unique that can never be recreated in exactly the same way, therefore making it more valuable and special. As brothers, the quirky style of art we produce is certainly a reflection of our characters and the creative background we have grown up in.

Colourful mural

Where to have Garden Art or a Mural?

Because of the wide variety in types of garden art and murals that we are able to design and install, the possibilities are endless. From small sculptures to large-scale installations and full wall murals, at FMN Gardens we are always eager to create something really special to make your space stand out. We are also available to work alongside your current landscaper or garden contractor to assist with garden art and mural design.

Colourful mural by FMN Gardens

The process in which I would approach a commission for a garden mural would be to first try and establish some sort of a basis for a design; are we creating a garden scene, cityscape scene, etc.? It’s very much dependent on what interests the client and how they envision the mural. I would expect to work closely with them to ensure that we achieve this, so I would ask them to send me some images of art or anything else that inspires or appeals to whoever the piece is being created for. I would then go away and do some very rough sketches incorporating the different features/aspects into the design and deciding on the best colour pallet to work with. After sitting down with the client and deciding on a final rough design I would then expect them to allow the brothers to work their magic and produce what I know would put a smile on anyone’s face. – Harry

Garden Art and Mural Pricing

Due to the bespoke nature of mural design, prices will vary, but we are experienced in creating great results whatever your budget. From small statues and sculptures to larger installations, our team is dedicated to transforming your space to your exact needs.

Garden Art and Mural Design Guarantee

We guarantee all of our work for 5 years, and we are always available for any maintenance needs you may have. We only use high-quality materials to create garden art and murals.

For more information about the garden art and mural design options we offer, or to arrange a survey to discuss your preferences and create a quote, feel free to get in touch.

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