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Garden rooms and outdoor studios are a fantastic way to create an extension of your home anywhere within the garden.

They can be tailor made or prefabricated to suit any space and style.

What uses for an outdoor room?

Outdoor rooms can be used as extra play space for children, office or studio space for adults, creating an extra room for when the whole family is visiting, or even all of the above!

Ongoing maintenance will depend on the type of building and what materials it’s constructed from.

Garden outbuilding in North London
Garden outbuilding in North London by FMN Gardens

Green Roofs

While garden studios are a great way to utilise your outdoor space, they can dominate and impose to an extent. Using a green roof is a fantastic way to minimise its visual impact and any loss of planting space.

As well as the aesthetic benefits, green roofs also act as effective insulation in the colder months and moderate heat in the warmer months.

More examples of garden outbuildings and studios we have installed.

If you’re looking to install an outbuilding in your North London garden, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange a free quote.

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