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We love garden lighting, and think it makes all the difference to how a garden looks and feels. In effect, the garden becomes an extension of the house.

Lighting is capable of giving an outside space a completely different atmosphere of an evening, and the right arrangement can turn your garden into a work of art by breathing life into it throughout the night.

Garden lights for your setting

When we include garden lighting as part of one of our domestic garden projects, there is so much room to be imaginative and create something unique and special.

Before every project, we perform a survey of the space in order to create a design. This will include assessing your preferences and needs for the project, whether you want soft lighting on shrubbery or mood lighting to give an entertainment area ambience.

When it comes to lighting front gardens and driveways, we understand that needs may vary according to different areas and even certain streets of North London, and we are experienced in delivering great results that comply with any and all requirements.

Garden lighting in Bounds Green, North London

Where would we use garden lighting?

Some examples of the most common type of lights that we use are:

  • Spike lights – these lights spike into the bed and uplight plants, shrubs, etc
  • Spotlighting – fitted to the side of steps, in retaining walls, paving, etc, these lights give a wash of colour upwards or to the side depending on the position
  • Strip lighting – LED strips can be used beneath a bench or step to create a glow or light something up
  • Up and down stainless steel lights – these are lights that give a wash of light both upwards and downwards

Like all other aspects of designing an outdoor space, the right lighting all depends on the structure of the garden and the vision for it.

Garden lighting in Hackney, North London

Garden lighting pricing

We see lighting as the icing on the cake for a garden, but it can come at a cost. Budget is always something we consider when we discuss designs with our clients, taking into account what kind of effect we are trying to achieve and where (warm or cool light/entertaining space/plants/etc). We suggest that lights can cost between £100 and £130 per point (lights, switches, and sockets are all examples of points).

Here at FMN Gardens we have a wide variety of experience, from large, full garden transformations to smaller, tight budget projects, and we are adept at creating great results while staying within budget.

“Harry and Roman have transformed our garden, removing all the old paving and brickwork (and air raid shelter), then laying a two tier sandstone patio with drainage, installing a raised brick pond including electrics and additional garden lighting. Their dedication and workmanship was faultless. We are very pleased with them and their work and this is a recommendation without any hesitation.”

Some more examples of garden lighting we have installed

For more information about the garden lighting options we offer in North London, or to arrange a survey and a free quote, do get in touch.

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