Oasis garden in Highgate, North London


Design a multi-tiered garden to overcome challenging slopes and turn new level spaces into usable areas. The location is surrounded by Queen’s Wood Park, and the client wanted order within the chaos. “A design to create a safe, practical garden where one can enjoy the wild backdrop”

Design & build

As you step out from the house you are faced with a large patio area at the top of the garden, ideal for entertaining and enjoying the wild surroundings. Within the patio are a series of planting beds that help separate the tiers and soften the boundaries. A large ‘L’ shaped bench sits at the far end of the space inviting all users to get comfortable and enjoy.

A the bottom end of the garden there is a large artificial lawn ideal for younger users to enjoy with minimal disruption to others.

Connecting the two spaces is a series of winding steps through a steeply sloped tropical planting bed. This transitional space compliments the organic woodland surroundings whilst giving the user a safe pleasurable decent.



Project time

2 months


5 years