Garden in Whetstone designed and built by FMN Gardens


This garden was located in a new build area and the initial garden space was rather plain with very little inspiration. The clients wanted to create a beautiful and romantic contemporary space to be enjoyed all year round.



Project time

6-8 weeks

Design & build

As you step out of the house onto a generous area of Indian sandstone paving, you are instantly calmed by the sound of the trickling water feature that sits directly in the center of the garden. This water feature was the main focal point of the garden and all other design elements were built around it. The use of wide IPE hardwood decking boards that appear to wrap around the water feature on a series of different levels was to form the basis of the garden design.

Beyond the first step-up onto the decking, and at the rear of the garden, there is a bin store and garden shed area, both of which are screened off using western red cedar battens. The two planting areas were introduced to soften both the rear wall and the cedar cladding in front of the shed.

Western red cedar batten cladding was used on both the side and rear walls with the aim of turning an uninspiring brick wall into more of a feature with texture and warmth.

It was important to create a beautiful space for use during the day, but also a tranquil space to be enjoyed in the evenings. The use of lighting throughout the garden was important and the positioning of different lights was carefully considered. Down-lights positioned on the brick walls between the Cedar batten cladding give off a lovely wash of light and bringing out the warm striking colours of the IPE hardwood decking and cedar cladding, whereas the spike lights located in the two planters cast shadows on the rear wall and highlight the brilliant colours of the plants.

The water feature also remains the main focal point during the evenings with underwater lighting that shines up and flickers against the trickling movement of the water.

This garden was both a challenge and absolute joy to work on; the end results were highly satisfying for both my company and the clients. It was certainly a tough one to leave behind.

The before and after photos!

Whetstone garden before, 1 Garden in Whetstone, 2
Whetstone garden before, 2 Garden in Whetstone, 3